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I am a passionate entrepreneur and I love business development. My main entrepreneurial strengths are: Business Focus ( Coupling business instincts w/ a fascination with making money. I intuitively evaluate decisions through the prism of profitability.) Relationship-Builder ( Overall I have pretty developed interpersonal skills and a high level of personal, as well as, social awareness.) Creative Thinker ( I try to use my insights to anticipate future customer needs. I’m generally quick to try new methods and ideas to accomplish business goals. Natural curiosity often leads me to asking the type of questions that uncover potential unserved needs for customers.) Knowledge-Seeker ( Deep desire to acquire knowledge about all aspects of my business.)

Directly after graduating college I built and grew a very profitable six-figure business that I subsequently sold after roughly 5 years. I have helped create and build two other start-ups and have consulted and have been very involved in business development for several different ventures. I’m currently working on a business that has the largest potential of anything I’ve been involved with so far.

I am a big picture thinker with a focus on execution. I love seeing ideas come to fruition! And I love building businesses!

Business building/development, and investing take up a good part of my time and thoughts during the day. I am the son of a Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so there is not much I’m intimidated by. I am very enthusiastic about my passions and love to take on projects with equally energetic people!

I’m also a big reader! I spend the majority of my free time reading and studying to increase my knowledge and ultimately my impact. The people you’re around and the books you read determine your future. So I try to stay in-the know about a myriad of financial & business landscapes as well as staying proactive about strengthening my acumen. I’m building a bright future for myself and those around me, if you want to join me or simply have some insight to share, please leave me a comment!


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