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There is NO such thing as Management Strategy….Think Marketing!

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Your management strategy is really a marketing strategy. The method your product or service is delivered to the customer is a crucial part of your marketing plan but in reality the “how” you go about delivering value is constructed in your management strategy.chess

Your operations manual includes the processes, activities and behavioral guidelines that makes your company run. The content of the operations manual should only consist of fine-tuned and up-to-date information. After processes and systems have been tested and tweaked to determine efficiency they are boiled down to checklists and documented in your manual as “how we do things here”. How these systems are implemented is your management strategy…or is it marketing strategy?

Defining roles and responsibilities and organizational structure is part of management strategy. (more specifically under “organizational strategy” but it still falls under management strategy)

Putting the right people in the right roles is management strategy.

Establishing the employee code of conduct, determining dress code, empowering customer service and sales staff with top-notch training and giving them the best tools to succeed is all part of your management strategy, but…

in all actuality, this is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. After all if one of the “4 P’s of marketing” is “product” and the customer experience is based on the systems established by the management strategy then isn’t your management strategy really just part of your marketing strategy? Management strategy is intended to produce a Marketing result. You want happy, empowered and well-equipped employees delivering your brand message. A company’s culture and brand perception is delivered by its employees, working within the constructs of the system developed in the management strategy.  Hence Management Strategy is essentially part of the marketing strategy.

The reason for the writing of this post and the hyper-focus on this seemingly insignificant detail of strategy classification is due to this trend I’m spotting concerning people’s opinion on the scope of marketing  in relation to the management and overall company strategy. In this internet age “marketing experts” are making  “marketing strategy” synonymous with “online strategy”. And management experts/consultants try to segment everything to make it fit into a nice little easy to understand frame-work even at the risk of inaccurately portraying the true flow,  and the underlying cause & effect relationships that make a business engine run.

Determining and understanding those things that contribute to the success of your business is vitally important. Knowledge is power.  The deeper your understanding of what specific things, why those specific things, and how those specific things are connected the better prepared you will be to make wise decisions concerning your company’s future.


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