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But I don’t feel like it…

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The world of business creation is extremely exciting yet terrifying at the same time. Entrepreneurs go through ups and downs during every phase of a start-up. The funny thing about how our brains work is that just when entrepreneurs should rationally feel the most tentative they are usually the most optimistic. The reason for this is explained by the release of dopamine in our brains. We feel excited and pumped up when we think of what could-be. The reward center of our brain lights up with the anticipation of success but not the actual achieving of success. The promise of future happiness or success, not the direct experience, is our brain’s strategy to keep us hunting and creating.
              This anticipation of success is not necessarily a bad thing in fact it is a great way to spur action. There are so many obstacles to overcome in creating any business that it helps to have temporary blinders. Where would we be if it weren’t for the innovators and creators that attempted the “impossible” and succeeded? In fact this anticipation of success mechanism in our brain is what built this country. The thought of what could-be creates intense desire and even a level of anxiety to make our dream a reality.
            The key factor separating would-be entrepreneurs or dreamers from those that actually realize their dream is in persistence. Persistence is pushing forward even when you don’t feel like it. Once the excitement and adulation period wear off the persistent keep moving forward despite not feeling motivated to do so. The key is to build a behavioral plan of action for yourself that establishes proactive habits that will take over when you no longer feel excited about what you are doing.
           What types of habits can you create that will keep you perpetually moving toward achieving your goals regardless of how you feel?

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Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Hungry, Determined and Motivated. These three words sum up my personal disposition. The key to strong business infrastructure is strong relationships. I seek to build long-term business relationships that transcend a simple monetary transaction. My aim has been, and will continue being, to establish very strong win-win relationships throughout my business journey. Opportunist and business creator. My experience lies in building business systems and concepts. My passion lies in motivating and inspiring others. I'm constantly reading and learning to maximize my value creating ability so that, I can achieve my overall goal of fostering substantial wealth for the Kingdom!

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