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What do you spend more time thinking about..

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What do you spend more time thinking about.. the clothes you put on in the morning or the action steps you need to take to maximize the profitability of your business?
If we are honest with ourselves we will admit that there are long periods of time that we get stuck on auto-pilot, (thinking only of the short-term tasks to be accomplished and ignoring the long-term goals and vision) and we probably do give more cognitive thought to what we are going to wear each morning.
Lets start focusing less on the image we want to convey and more on the results we need to produce. Aim to be competent and effective, always learning. Exude effort to action steps that produce results rather than worrying about the quantity of your effort. Doing two hours of work that actually generates revenue is far better than slaving away for countless hours all week putting out urgent yet unimportant fires. Stop doing for the sake of doing. Take time to put daily “tasks” into the context of profitability.
Ask yourself “What is the purpose of the task I am doing?”,  “Can I have someone else do this?”, “Will this effort directly result in a more lucrative future or am I simply appeasing my self-imposed “hard-working” image by being busy?
Wealth not only favors the bold but favors the effective as well. The road to wealth doesn’t necessarily require efficiency but rather effectiveness. Efficiency is important but if you are not doing the right things then you are simply a great time manager. Effectiveness is doing the right things despite how long it takes. In business, efficiency is like a turbo booster when paired with effectiveness because after you nail the right “what” and the right “how” you can then maximize your daily output.
If you can’t measure the results of your actions you will be forced to measure “how much” work you do and “how long” it takes to do it. Acquiring currency is not about how much you work or even how efficient/productive you are. Money is acquired by knowing where to find it and executing on a strategy to attain it, that’s it!
Business culture puts much more emphasis on the process than the results but in the grand scheme of things focusing on “what” you are doing before answering “why” will lead you down a life path of busyness for busyness sake.
Hard work and persistence are crucial elements in entrepreneurship that is an obvious fact. I am not saying you won’t need to put your nose to the grind stone and work your butt off for periods of time but just keep the purpose of your work in the forefront of your mind. Let’s stop wasting valuable brain matter on which watch to wear with which shirt and which color pants and concentrate our effort where it matters, accomplishing our goals.

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