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One key to life as well as business is the ability to adapt to personality styles, or at the very least be aware of them. We live in a world that is made up of complex individuals. The range of values and beliefs of our society differ tremendously and with each person perceiving their environment through their own personal filters we are left with many different approaches to the same situations.  It is amazing that two children growing up in the same home can view the exact same situations in completely different ways. The complexity of our individual personalities is very appealing to me. Our perceptions of our environment are uniquely different from other people; our emotions, past experiences and a vast number of other items make up our personality.

With so many different ways to look at life its funny how often we act like sheep. We do things for the simple reason that others are doing it. A topic that is addressed brilliantly in Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational.  It’s ironic that we are taught from childhood to “not follow the crowd”, “be our own person” and “be a leader not a follower” yet we just have this overwhelming desire to just fit in. As marketers we need to be aware of this phenomenon and address personal needs with an understanding that beliefs do not necessarily lead to action. Although we do tend to purchase items based on the ideal self we want portrayed to others.

Consumers are complex yet predictable. If you examine individual’s behaviors and habits you can learn why certain decisions are made. To truly learn how people decide and how habits are formed it takes study. Read a couple psychology books, post up at a store or flee market for a day and just study behavior patterns, get out of the business bubble! Taking time to figure out how the human mind ticks will help you build and strengthen all types of relationships!


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Josh Hamilton

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