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I’m a strong advocate of finding your niche in life. I think it would benefit people to hold off on pursuing certain ventures that don’t fit in with their core competencies. I do realize that it isn’t always possible to wait around, especially in our current economic state, for the perfect opportunity. But it’s important to find what your God-given unique strengths are and find a way to leverage them.

Sometimes life gets crazy and when times get tough the tendency we have is to rush into something quick to fill our time and grab the quickest dollar. Having the clarity of mind to see the longterm outlook rather than the pending current circumstances is crucial to fulfilling your destiny! Turning down jobs, projects, and business ventures is a key part to the longevity of business success because each dodged bullet puts you that much closer to your optimal situation. Tying up time and resources on unfruitful ventures is the definition of counter-productive.

Instead of jumping on the next idea/venture take a moment to determine if it is in line with your long term goals. The best decision you can make sometimes is closing door 1 to open door 2. Sometimes you have to pass on good opportunities to be able to pursue great ones! Remember don’t get tempted with good when great is around the corner!


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  1. Great article thanks for posting. You have a great layout here. Blogging is one of the secrets to an excellent marketing strategy. The traffic from your blog should be helping you in the short term and in the long run.

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Josh Hamilton

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