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Since content is becoming, if it isn’t already, king the way in which we construct that content is very important. Developing content that will be useful to the intended audience is the goal. But the usefulness of the content depends solely upon what the consumers deem as useful.

A great way to create loyal fans and salesman out of the consumers of your content is, co-creation. Engage the consumer early and often for the  content direction and in developing new ideas. This will truly connect the consumers to your product because they have a hand in developing it. A terrific way to do this without giving up total control of the direction you want to go is by offering a theme to go from and letting the users create within your constructs. This way they are connected and a part of the process but you can control the overall direction and keep the content at the level of excellence you require.

Traditional media no longer controls the reigns of what is important. The message from traditional media can no longer be a one way street where they deliver the message and we just simply receive it. Nowadays media messages are not created to be stagnant but rather created to be dynamic, with consumers giving feedback. A story told now does not stop at its reader, quite the contrary, the direction of the content Starts with the reader! They determine if a story will go viral and to some extent how the story will be perceived.

Engage your consumers, create a relationship so deep that the fibers of their own DNA are in your content! That is how you truly create a loyal and devoted community.


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Josh Hamilton

Hungry, Determined and Motivated. These three words sum up my personal disposition. The key to strong business infrastructure is strong relationships. I seek to build long-term business relationships that transcend a simple monetary transaction. My aim has been, and will continue being, to establish very strong win-win relationships throughout my business journey. Opportunist and business creator. My experience lies in building business systems and concepts. My passion lies in motivating and inspiring others. I'm constantly reading and learning to maximize my value creating ability so that, I can achieve my overall goal of fostering substantial wealth for the Kingdom!

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