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The Creative Trap

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The topic of creativity is of great interest to me but sometimes, in business, the focus becomes more about being different than about being profitable. Revolutionary ideas are great and it takes enterprising minds to create the future but it shouldn’t be at the cost of profitability. Too many times during the brainstorming/creative stage the ideas are hashed out with no revenue model in mind.

Reinventing the wheel is very difficult, time consuming, and rarely worth the effort. Instead find new and innovative ways to use the wheel rather than build a new one. For an entrepreneur the goal is to create and innovate for a profit. The metrics in business are pretty cut and dry, and the longevity of any venture depends on the all mighty dollar (or yen,euro,pound etc). Creativity doesn’t pay the mortgage and keep the lights on. It takes more than a good idea to run a successful business.

Too often new entrepreneurs have pie in the sky dreams and waste so much time pursuing profitless opportunities. If entrepreneurship is the goal then creativity needs to be framed within the constraints of profitability. Much frustration and hardship will be forgone if innovation is looked at through the lens of profitability.

In business, creativity is important, but all too often the most crucial part of sustainability is an afterthought. So after thinking big picture make sure to throw the idea at the sustainability wall (aka the profit wall) to see if it sticks!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely True!
    Good work!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

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