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Gary Vaynerchuck so beautifully branded our current economy 2.0 as the “Thank You Economy”. I couldn’t agree more. We are in the day and age where a thank you is not just appreciated but expected. With technology we can show our gratitude to customers and potential customers with more frequency and in a real-time manner.

Gone is the day where Business can be won and, more importantly, maintained without a relationship. The easiest way to form a foundation for a relationship is to just say “Thank You”!

So get out there and send some thank you cards, tweets, emails, Facebook posts etc! Tell people how much you appreciate them. It will go a very long way I assure you.


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Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

Hungry, Determined and Motivated. These three words sum up my personal disposition. The key to strong business infrastructure is strong relationships. I seek to build long-term business relationships that transcend a simple monetary transaction. My aim has been, and will continue being, to establish very strong win-win relationships throughout my business journey. Opportunist and business creator. My experience lies in building business systems and concepts. My passion lies in motivating and inspiring others. I'm constantly reading and learning to maximize my value creating ability so that, I can achieve my overall goal of fostering substantial wealth for the Kingdom!

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