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Business building should take place every day, in some way, in every business. I don’t care how small or large a  company is, every day should have some amount of time set aside to work on the systems that make it run. Many small business owners find themselves being the technician, manager and owner all wrapped into one. But it is imperative that the business creator, the entrepreneur, takes his time each day to work on his creation, not in it.

All businesses delivering either a product or service, or some combination of both, need people working in it to keep it rolling along. But even more important is the time spent working on the business. This is how you come up with better and more efficient ways of doing things. By taking time daily to inspect your business you are ensuring that there will be profits in the future!

All systems need to be constantly analyzed and tested to make sure you are cranking out optimal results. It is hard to keep your eyes on the prize when the constant-technician-monotony kicks in, but you must push through. A technician’s work is never done, but without the business building of the entrepreneur there would be no work for the technician.

Weather you are an account executive or an owner/operator of a small business, take time each day to work on some aspect of business. Sometimes it may actually take changing clothes, grabbing your computer and heading to a coffee shop or library to get yourself in the mood. This is what I do sometimes to get me thinking like an entrepreneur and not just a small business owner.

Set aside time to brainstorm marketing tactics. Set attainable goals for when you plan on implementing these new ideas and follow through. It is these little daily steps that lead to a steady flow of business. The few minutes a day spent on marketing will be the most important for the longevity of your biz.

Strategize daily. Set goals. Execute.

The thousand mile journey starts with ONE step!


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  1. Jim. H. says:

    That is good sruff. That is the right thing to do. “Just do It” ! Ha Ha

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Josh Hamilton

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