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Organization is such a huge part of any business yet it is usually hard to quantify. What does it mean to be organized? Organization is crucial to all aspects of business. It is imperative for any business system to be well-organized. Having all contacts, financials, and other sales data organized in an easy to locate format is a basic building block to success.

Brand building needs organization to be effective. If you cannot access all your tasks, clients, budgets and business information with the click of a button you are in trouble. All information collected should be organized in an easily accessible location, not crumbled up in the back of a file cabinet. It is important to know everything about your business, all the ins and outs, but if you don’t have every piece of data and every transaction documented in an easy-to-find location you are sliding on a slippery slope.

If you can’t find past files on clients how are you going to engage them in the future? Business seems to move at the speed of light and if you aren’t prepared with an organized system to handle the speed you will quickly be irrelevant to your customers and find yourself in an uphill battle.

Organization takes discipline, which is why most small business owners don’t keep great records. It is not an easy task to keep all affairs of business in order especially since most owners find themselves wearing many hats. But we must keep order, if for no other reason than to ensure that we truly know the inner workings of our operations.

Keep good records of every aspect of your business if you plan on being in business for while! It should go without saying, organization is important, but when things get crazy busy it is often hard to be disciplined enough to keep good records. The key is to create or find an effective system to keep all aspects of the business in order. Do not rely on your memory to keep everything coordinated, you will eventually be too busy to balance everything.

The best businesses run like clockwork. Clockwork is quite organized. So learn to be organized sooner rather than later if you want to build a strong business on a solid foundation.



  1. Jim. H. says:

    Good info. I think 95% of all small businesses and I mean “Small Businesses” are too busy trying to wear all the hats of the business to keep good records. So discipline is probably the most important trait in keeping good records and customer relations. You think !

  2. I know this all too well. I need to swap some hats out. 🙂

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