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I’m still getting my head wrapped around how I want to organize my posts, but for now I am just going to write about issues I want to talk about.

We hear all the time that in business we must build systems and prototypes before we can expand. This is the truest thing that can be said concerning the subject of business. But how exactly do we create systems, where does it begin?

It begins with documentation. It starts with “This is how we do things here”. In every single area of the business. To begin to understand just how it is you do things differently than Joe Blow down the street you need to see on paper (or digital screen) your whole process.

If you have a terrific CRM system, or referral program, or way of cutting costs, get it written down! Until you have documentation there can be no system, no way of showing your competitive edge. Your “unique” way of doing things will be just that,.. unique, to every situation: and that is not a system.

The core of business systems is organization of processes. This is where the beauty of checklists comes to play. A beautiful way to ensure your product is delivered the same each and every time, CHECKLISTS. The checklist leaves no room for error, although you do not want to suffocate your employees with no room to think. You develop the best and most efficient way to implement the process and you document every detailed step. Convert your lump of detailed data into a concise but thorough checklist.

Before any business can make a million dollars or just hire their first employee they need documentation of how they do things. This is where the “competitive advantage” can be ascertained and actually pulled out and studied. When you have a list of every detail problems can be identified sooner rather than later, and every “thing” thats working can be specifically addressed.  You can isolate what works the best and do more of that.

Every profitable/sustainable business has systems for every area of their business. It takes hustle and discipline to meticulously dissect your strategy and document how it is to be implemented. The entrepreneurial hustle is not for every body. But hard work can overcome lack of resources, especially in this day and age. The overwhelming desire that first attacks entrepreneurs must be met with the drive to see the vision through, even when the passion wears off.

When the initial passion and desire vanishes you realize how hard it is to keep going. It could be within the first week, first year, or in twenty years but you may loose the gusto. It is in this time that you hope you have a system or else the dream along with the business die with you.


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Josh Hamilton

Hungry, Determined and Motivated. These three words sum up my personal disposition. The key to strong business infrastructure is strong relationships. I seek to build long-term business relationships that transcend a simple monetary transaction. My aim has been, and will continue being, to establish very strong win-win relationships throughout my business journey. Opportunist and business creator. My experience lies in building business systems and concepts. My passion lies in motivating and inspiring others. I'm constantly reading and learning to maximize my value creating ability so that, I can achieve my overall goal of fostering substantial wealth for the Kingdom!

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